Grupo Travesías

Grupo Travesías SAS is the tourism agency that covers all services related to sales, logistics, operation, accounting, administración and tax management of the products “Reserva Natural Palmari” and “Colombia Diversa”
The Nature Reserve Palmari is a destination for specialized tourism, such as sport fishermen, bird watchers, families and for everyone who wants to experience the neo-tropical rainforest in all its exuberance and abundance.   The visitor finds not only four types of lodging, catering, beverages and alcoholic drinks, but also finds a package as to a full set of activities for which we do not charge extra for any activity or equipment.

Reserva Natural Palmari

We are a team of friends, we love Colombia and the most important thing for us is to show the country in the most authentic way. We like working with common people from the region, native guides and small farmers who do their work with the greatest passion and love, so that our guests know Colombia in a real way.

Colombia Diversa